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Telling Secrets

faith, fatherhood, and culture


Friday, August 05, 2005

To catch everyone up on goings on here in Utah, I am reprinting Angela's two updates and my one. I will also include some pictures to illustrate. Fun reading!

our first meal in the double-wide

Hi there!
Just wanted to let you all know that we arrived safely in beautiful Utah. It is hot - well over 100 every day, but thankfully, we have a/c in our nice little double wide trailer. We're learning a little bit about the mormon community, but no one has tried to convert us yet.

The trip was good. We got in early afternoon on Monday and Caleb has spent the last couple of mornings trying to find a good wireless connection (see his entertaining email to his work team at the end of my note). He finally ended up today at Borders in the town over from us where our midwife is (about 10-15 minute drive) which is where he'll be daily until the twins are born.
Malachi and I are having fun exploring the little towns. We found a shaded park with a creek that runs through it to play in. We're getting settled but I think Malachi said it all when he told us last night and today "Sad, miss friends". We do miss you all, friends and family and we're sad to not be home for this big event. We do feel good about our decision though, and are pretty relaxed now that we're here.

God is good and we have been well cared for since the moment we arrived. We walked in to our temporary home that had been furnished with a card table, 4 folding chairs and 2 camping chairs.

Since then, someone has stopped by daily with dishes, an airbed, a couch, 2 twin beds to make into a king, lemon cake and lots of blessings and well-wishes.

We also found out that one of Karen's good friends is here while her dad recovers and has offered to help us in any way should we need it. So, should we go into labor before Brigitte and Andrei come next weekend (which I think is highly unlikely as I have no signs of labor) we'll have help. What a relief!

My mom is also planning to fly out as soon as I go into labor (or when Brigitte and Andrei leave) and help us with the drive home a few days later.

I'm 37 weeks today, regaining energy after our drive and after a visit to the chiropractor this morning (which I've been doing weekly for over a month now) I feel pretty good. Christie checked my hemoglobin levels before we left and found them to be a little low (but still great according to Utah standards ;), so I've been taking some additional supplements to help with possilble anemia, which I think is helping. We met our new midwife this morning and she's great. We now have our birth kit, labor tub and other supplies and we're ready to go anytime! We have a 2nd ultrasound scheduled for this Friday just to verify the position of the babies so I'll let you know how that goes.

We're going to look into a local play group to try and meet some new friends and do some fun things. The mountains are beautiful and we look forward to exploring the area a little more this weekend.

We'll keep you posted! I will probably only respond to email 1 time a day at the most when I pick Caleb up from Borders each afternoon.

Caleb, Angela, Malachi, MaxA and MaxB

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