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Telling Secrets

faith, fatherhood, and culture


Thursday, August 10, 2006

I have had some wonderful discussions recently that have been sparked by my recent blog on women in church leadership. The most insightful discussions, not surprisingly, have come from the women in my life -- my wife Angela, my good friend DJ (you can read the conversation I had with her at the end of my recent blog), and my wise sister Brigitte. You must read Brigitte's comment on her blog - it is so jam packed with insight that she had to turn it into an article, rather than a blog comment. It is far and away better than anything else I've read in the blogosphere so far, including Grace Driscoll's (important to know she's Mark's wife) article on the Acts 29 website (she does a pretty good job of going through the Book of Ruth, but her conclusions don't do it justice).

So, take a minute or two, grab an eye-opening shot of homemade Russian vodka, and dive into the solid words of Petra.

(In case you don't follow links, her address is iampetra.blogspot.com.)

  1. Blogger petra said:

    Thanks for the nice message, Caleb. I'm glad I have you to bring up good points and stimulate my thoughts, esp these days when I have the time to ponder.

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