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Telling Secrets

faith, fatherhood, and culture


Friday, August 05, 2005

well, here i am in my new office at the holiday inn. hopefully i can stay here for a couple of days before they boot me out. why the trouble? let me tell you.

it all started back in the 1820 when god the father and jesus christ appeared to a guy named joe smith. they told him he was going to be the prophet to restore the REAL church after the Church was withdrawn from the world after the apostles died. three years later the angel moroni told him to look under some rocks where joe found an ancient record of the old peoples of america written in a strange language on gold plates. he translated these and they became the book of mormon: another testament of jesus christ. he started his church and trained another guy named brigham young who became an apostle to the prophet joe. after joe was killed in 1833, young decided to move his family and 1000 others to utah. soon he supervised the movement to utah of 70,000 more people from the east coast and europe.

his supervision continues to this day. apparently jesus told these people that they have to be nice to everyone and that they can't drink alcohol or caffeine. this was problematic with a lot of the youth as you can imagine. with the founding of his university in provo, he was able to socialize the youth to his standards with the following honor code:

"all students are required to abstain from possessing, serving, or consuming alcoholic beverages, tobacco, tea, coffee, or harmful drugs." they also can't say bad words or have bad grooming.

so for a while there were cafe's in provo that served and did these things, including offering wireless access to the internet. but, young decided that he'd better regain control over these matters. so he offered wireless internet services to his students (with proper passwords and a hefty filtering system) and then somehow influenced all the cafes to shut down their internet access. which they did. they also must have closed up shop because there is only TWO coffee shops here, one of which is an einsteins. the other is NOT a starbucks. there is not a green insignia anywhere--probably not within 20 miles.

so that lead me to a long trek and many bootings off of servers--from the public library to the mall. now, here i am, in the empty continental breakfast room of a smallish holiday inn, hoping i can stay here for at least a couple of days before they figure out i'm not renting a room.

well, that's all for now. angela's tired, malachi is adjusting well but is a little hyper, the babies are fine and moving around, our double wide is comfortable and cool, and we see our new midwife tomorrow morning.

feel free to email or leave a message on my work phone because i'm checking them regularly.

until the second coming,

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